Medi-Spa Gift Cards that goes a long long way... Shop Now!
Medi-Spa Gift Cards that goes a long long way... Shop Now!
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$1000 Premium MediSpa Gift Card - 3D Lifestyle Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Spa
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$1000 Premium MediSpa Gift Card - 3D Lifestyle Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Spa

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A $1000 Premium Gift Card goes a long, long way! (Save up to 80%) 

Get Your Gift Cards at 3D Lifestyle!

and don’t forget to grab as many as you can for your friends & family

We have Reduced pricing on ALL of our TREATMENTS, when purchased through a Gift Card. 

Take the $1000 Gift Card that lets you pick any ONE of these 4 Treatment Packages: 

Dermal Filler Facelift (2 Syringes for $999)  + 20 Units of Botox (Both Combined for only $1000)

Get transformed in minutes! With Instant Gratification, Thanks to our Master Nurse Injectors.

Following areas are included in your Dermal Filler Full Facelift are Jowl Reduction, Chin Augmentation, Smile & Laugh Lines (Nasolabial Folds) Droopy Mouth Lines (Marionette Lines)  Deep under-eye circles (Tear Trough Deformity), Volumizing and Lifting Cheekbones (Cheekbone Augmentation) PLUS Get Botox, These Injectables are Undetectable at 3D Lifestyle. Whether it is Forehead lines, Frown lines or Crows Feet, the artistry of our Master Nurse Injectors will make you wrinkle-free, and you have 20 Units to use as part of this package.

(2 Syringes of Dermal Fillers Reg. $1499 + Botox (up to 20 units)  Reg $280, Total Value: $1779)


16 Body Contouring Sessions Using 4 Synergistic Technologies (8 hours of Combined treatments for only $1000) 

Here's how you can Lose 1" from your first session, in just 4 PAINLESS steps

Treatment Phase 1: (4 Sessions/ Reg. $799/session)

3D-Ultrasonic Cavitation: The ultrasonic sound waves emitted from the Cavitation Transducer quickly destroy fat cells and target areas of localized fat pockets, treating as well as dimpled cellulite. 

3D-Radio-Frequency: Local heating which causes instant contractions of collagen fibers, creating a smoother, healthier and YOUNGER looking skin 

3D-Vacuum Suction: Lymphatic drainage by a combination of a vacuum suction with a roller action to target cellulite and increase blood supply along with lymph circulation  

Treatment Phase 2: (4 Sessions/ Reg. $799/session)

3D-EM Body Contouring. Using Intensified Focused electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle "supramaximal" contractions, which cannot be achieved through regular movement. Burning fat and building muscle starting from the first session ONE 30min session is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups/crunches.


6 months of Laser Hair Removal (6 months of UNLIMITED sessions for only $1000)

Unlimited means unlimited, anytime whether it be any day or time of the week, you get UNLIMITED sessions of FULL BODY laser hair removal with a GOLD STANDARD "Soprano-Ice" laser hair removal device.

(Laser Hair Removal: 6 Mo. Unlimited Reg. $2995)


29-day transformation challenge (8 Synergistic Anti-aging Treatments Combined for Only $1000):
  1. This Combination Therapy is a GOLD STANDARD of 4 synergistic treatments including Micro-Needling (2 sessions), Carbon Laser Peel (1 session), 3D HydrO2 Facial (1 session) and LED Phototherapy (4 Sessions) (Total Value: $2812)

$1000 Gift Cards are available in limited quantities. Pick up yours today and take advantage of any ONE of our exciting deals attached to it! 

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